Developer:  Angel G Dorantes

Release Date:  No 8th 2018

Available on: iOS 

Price: Free To Play



Ninja Meow Cat is a retro-styled 2D  action-platformer, inspired by awesome classics of the 8 / 16 bit era; Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania, and Mega Man. Fight your way through 6 levels with hidden treasures to find!



  • Hand drawn Pixel Art!

  • Cool Power Ups in each level!

  • Use Gold To Buy Upgrades Such As More Health, More Ammo, And 2x Attack Damage!

  • Summon Elemental Dragons To Make Short Work Of Any Baddie That Stands In Your Way!

  • Fight Huge Bosses!



My YouTube Channel has videos; If you need the Mp4 just contact me.


Screenshots / Logos

Link to my DropBox with some screen shots!